UpGrade your Experience

Enrich your Cultivate experience with these exclusive opportunities to dive deeper into specific subjects and explore area businesses. Click here to UpGrade your Experience Now.

Flower Run 5K

Sunday, July 15 at 6:30 a.m. at the Wolfe Park

Luxflora, GIE Media, and AmericanHort bring you the second annual Flower Run 5K at Cultivate. The Flower Run celebrates Luxflora’s mission to develop a visionary, influential floriculture network in which women leaders can create, inspire, and flourish. This is an opportunity for all of us to come together to network, build relationships, and to have some healthy fun. Not a runner? Join us at the finish line to help celebrate all of the finishers.

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Garden Retail Tour

Saturday, July 14, Cost: $125
Join other retailers to uncover best practices for engaging consumers, promoting plants, and growing the bottom line when we tour Bremec Garden Centers' three garden retail locations. Over the course of a day, (that includes lunch!) we'll visit each of Bremec's garden centers to see what they're doing to stay relevant and successful. See how each store manages individualized products, specialties, and widely different customer bases.



Greenhouse Production Tour

Saturday, July 14, Cost:  $125
Growers of all sizes will find something on this Greenhouse Production Tour. We'll be visiting large-scale, wholesale grower Krueger Maddux who focuses on wholesale plant production and grows over ten million flowering and specialty plants each year. Next, we'll be switching gears and visiting retail-focused grower A.J. Rahn, who has been in business since the 1900’s, and offers a unique and exciting variety of high-quality plants grown right on location.



Hydroponics Tour

Saturday,  July 14, Cost: $125
Thinking of getting into hydroponics? Do you want to expand or change your current hydroponics system? Join us for a firsthand look at a hydroponics supplier and a grower putting their system into use. We’ll tour Crop King, a hydroponics manufacturer and distributor, and check out their demo greenhouse. Then, we're going to Tyler’s Farm, a family-operated hydroponic greenhouse who has taken the tools they learned from Crop King and applied them to build their growing herb business.



A Drone Workshop: Small and Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Nurseries

Saturday, July 14, Cost:  $65
In this workshop, we'll be introducing attendees to small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS). The focus will be on risk-based training for current and future commercial users of this cool, emerging technology. Attendees will achieve an improved understanding of flight regulations, types of platforms and sensors, data processing, potential agricultural uses, and liability issues related to UAS. You will leave knowing how to make improved decisions to match the best sUAS with their needs. This workshop is partially supported by a grant from the Southern Extension Risk Management Education Center (SRMEC).


Landscape Cost Accounting Workshop: It Cost What?! Getting Down to the True Costs of Your Business

Saturday, July 14, Cost: $125
Do you know the true costs of your business? Join in this full day workshop to gain a better understanding of the financials of your business. This in-depth workshop will provide the attendees with information and systems that are critical for success. Over the course of this workshop business owners and managers will develop a budget, understand cost-based estimating and be able to implement a job costing system.


A Biocontrols Workshop: Learning to Identify Key Pests

Saturday, July 14, Cost: $125
The basis for a good pest management program is knowing what you're dealing with. In this workshop, we'll teach you how to ID key pests found in the greenhouse. We'll be going beyond the basics and help take you to the next level. The workshop will continue at on offsite location after this session where we will discuss advanced release techniques. Hands-on demonstrations and discussions will be done with a top biocontrol specialist from the industry.



Nursery and Landscape Tour

Saturday, July 14, Cost: $125
If you have a multifunctional business in the Nursery and Landscape world, this tour is for you! We will visit A. Brown & Sons Nursery,  a large grower of healthy, quality shade & ornamental trees, evergreens, shrubs and select perennials with more than 50 years growing experience. They supply a wide variety and great quantity of Wholesale Nursery Stock to landscapers and re-wholesalers across the country. They also have a Garden Center and Landscaping crew that services the Dayton/Miami Valley region of Ohio. This tour will also visit Peabody Landscape Group, Inc. in central Ohio. They started in 1982 and have grown throughout the area to provide landscape design-build and environmental site management services.


Retail Peer2Peer Workshop: Selling a Retail Experience with Can't Miss Events and Workshops

Saturday, July 14, Cost:  $65
Classes, workshops, and events in your garden center are an excellent way to invite customers in, engage with them, and stimulate new sales. But how do you begin planning for a new class or event for your customers? And how do you get them to actually show up? Join a panel of creative and ambitious garden retailers who will share their tips for getting inspired and innovative when it comes to putting on amazing and “can't-miss” events. During this half-day peer-to-peer workshop, top retailers from around the U.S. and Canada will share their inspiration, plans, hurdles, and how they pulled off their most successful events. You will leave with the plans and inspiration to implement similar events in your own garden center (workbook included) and will also have the opportunity to share your own ideas with other attendees.

CareerUP - Define Your Future

Saturday, July 14, Cost:  $125
Connect with other young professionals who are ambitious about growing their careers and are passionate about revolutionizing the way we promote horticulture as a career, hobby, and life necessity. This one-day workshop series is tailored to emerging horticulture professionals to help you expand your skills, define your future, and navigate the green industry career ladder.


Hydrangea Workshop

Saturday, July 14, Cost:  $65
Learn how to consistently produce blooming, high-quality, nursery-grown hydrangeas in your clients' desired bloom color at this this hands-on workshop. We will cover fertilization, blueing, pH management, forcing, container substrates, and controlling growth with irrigation and plant growth regulators. Leave with the information you need to grow hydrangea crops that match your clients’ quality and size requirements every time.



International Interior Plantscape Awards

Sunday, July 15, Cost:  $125
The Interior Plantscape Awards Celebration brings interiorscapers together to celebrate the successes of another year and to honor this year's International Plantscape Award winners. It's an evening of excellent company, outstanding work, fresh inspiration, and long-lasting memories.